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"Do not call me a kid, I will beat you before you even call me that. Look at me as someone who doesn't give any importance of what the others think of me. I'm just a girl with an odd job. But who say I am normal?"

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The Bloodworth saga masterpost


There’s a great series of terrifying short stories on Reddit’s /nosleep/ subreddit, all written by someone who goes by the name of Bloodworth. If you’re a massive fan of creepypasta like me, you miiiight want to give it a look. It’s a nice, long, mesmerizing read, and I think I breathed about twice while reading through the whole thing.

That said, TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. I can’t delve into specifics without spoiling some of the stories, but you can bet that anything worth mentioning is going to be in there. Rape? Yep. Child abuse? That too. Anything funky you can do with a corpse? It’s there. Anything horrible you can do to living things? You bet. This series is by no means for the faint of heart—you’re going to need a strong stomach to plow through some of these.

Begin at the beginning. All are individual stories that stand alone wonderfully as creepypasta:

Then watch in horror as they come together in the main series:

Done? Finally, head over to the Wiki which contains everything from a handy timeline of events to character speculations, for your viewing pleasure.

The author’s Tumblr is here

If you’re looking for something just as long and fascinating, I recommend you check out 1000Vulture’s Penpal series as well, handily compiled into one long read here.

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Creepy story from an article in The Daily Star, dated February 24th, 1896. [Source]
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Send “Little thing” and my character will tell you something as a child.

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|| I’m feeling like crap

Lately my mood for RP is getting worse and worse and sometimes I just DON’T feel it!

I should put every RP blog I own to Hiatus… Or just delete them… Seriously ||

Angsty sentences


"P-please don’t… I cannot anymore…"
"I promise I won’t do it again."
"Get out of my sight!"
"You’re a disgrace!"
"I wish you died back then…"
"You deserve no good."
"You deserve a punishment."
"Shut up or I’ll gag you!"
"D-don’t approach me."
"It hurts so much."
"I cannot stand this anymore!"
"Let me go, I beg you."
"How long will you keep me here?"
"Leave this place and don’t return."
"You are no longer welcome here."
"You are such a wretched being…"

headcanon meme! send me a symbol and i'll tell you...

☺: three things that make my muse happy
☻: three things that make my muse sad
✝: any religious beliefs my muse has
☎ : my muse's ringtone
♫: three of my muse's favorite songs
♪: three songs that remind me of my muse
★: a wish my muse has
☑: something my muse has accomplished that they're proud of
☢: something my muse is afraid of
☂: what my muse does on a rainy day
→: is my muse any good with directions?
☮: is my muse a happy person?
웃: three people that are important to my muse
☃: does my muse like the holidays?
☯: is my muse more idealistic or cynical?
▲: my muse's happiest memory
✄: is my muse creative?
⌘: was my muse good in school?
✿: is my muse an outdoors person?
♈: the most daring thing your muse has ever done
♉: is my muse prone to jealousy?
♊: is my muse smart?
♋: is my muse emotional?
♌: three things my muse is enthusiastic about
♍: is my muse shy?
♎: is my muse vain or cocky?
♏: something my muse obsesses over
♐: is my muse blunt or do they beat around the bush?
♑: is my muse an optimist or a pessimist?
♒: is my muse emotional or more detached?
♓: my muse's biggest secret