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"Do not call me a kid, I will beat you before you even call me that. Look at me as someone who doesn't give any importance of what the others think of me. I'm just a girl with an odd job. But who say I am normal?"

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Child Meme: Ask me anything as my child. Go to my ask box and rip out my heart in any and every way possible. I dare you.



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Injury II [Starter Sentences]

"Can you hear me?"
"Do you remember what happened?"
"Does that hurt?"
"Focus on my voice."
"Hold on to me."
"I'll carry you."
"I'm not letting you walk, I'm going to carry you."
"It's going to be fine."
"It's healing quickly, just hold still."
"Just focus on me."
"Listen to me, you are going to be fine."
"Put your arm around me, I'll help you walk."
"Stay awake."
"You hit your head and you've been out for two days."
"You're going to okay."
"Your head hurts?"

Your muse sees my muse battered and bruised, how does your muse react?